Masonry Contractors Association of Central Pennsylvania is a not-for-profit organization of union masonry contractors and supplier members in 33 counties of central Pennsylvania. Formed in 1959, the purpose of the group is to develop and improve the masonry industry in the region by:

  • Developing and fostering fair dealings and a high standard of business ethics among those engaged in masonry construction.
  • Improving the character of work done and labor employed.
  • Encouraging and aiding in the education of apprentices and the cross-training of journey workers in the masonry construction industry.
  • Contributing to the advancement of the industry in all its branches by better public service.
  • Promoting the use of masonry as a premier building material.
  • Generally encouraging the movement to build with brick, block, stone, marble, tile, terrazzo, and other durable masonry products that provide superior longevity in construction design.
MCACP Leadership

Jeff Wolff, MCACP President
Eshbach Brothers, L.P.

Paul Keener, Jr., MCACP Vice President
Keener, Inc.

Joe Smith, MCACP Treasurer
Smith Masonry, Inc.

Tony Costanzo, MCACP Director-At-Large
J.J. Palumbo & Co., Inc.

George D. Hardy, MCACP Executive Director



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More about the MCACP, and Our Events & Programs

New Direction George D. Hardy

In 2009, the MCACP Board of Directors decided it was time for the group to furtherevolve into a different type of association. With this decision, a new Strategic Planwasdeveloped and implemented. One of the key changes wasto hire anExecutiveDirectorto lead the organization as it changes focus, and after a nationwide search, the Board hired George D. Hardy to handle the role. Having come from the terrazzo industry, and with 14 years of trade association experience, Director Hardy recently completed his first year working for the MCACP, and remains enthusiastic about the potential of the organization.

Board Meetings

Treasurer Joe Smith & President Gregg Bekelja discussing the issues of the day. The MCACP’s Board of Directors has one representative from each contractor member company. These important meeting are held quarterly, and decisions concerning the direction of group are routinely discussed and debated at these functions. Tough economic times make it necessary to better work together for the good of the industry, and the MCACP does it best to make this happen! When in session, the group has the ability to establish some common ground and take full advantage of working in unison to attain the goals they desire. Being that members of the MCACP encompass many different specialties - such as restoration, preservation, caulking, and new construction - the knowledge shared at these meeting allows for all to have a better understanding of situations prevalent in the region.

“Masonry for the Ages” SeminarMCACP President Gregg Bekelja helping with the MFTA Seminar display walls.

Every year, the Masonry Contractors Association of Central Pennsylvania conducts an educational “Masonry for the Ages” seminar for architects, engineers, contractors, and other concerned entities at the Harrisburg Area Community College. Held in late February or early March, this event provides timely instruction on masonry topics of concern in the region. The speakers at past events have included Maria Viteri of the I.M.I, Niklas Vigener of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, and Norbert Krogstad of Wiss Janney Elstner. The topics discussed, such as flashing, the “Perfect Wall,” sustainability, and restoration work, have always been on point and very well received. With over 100 registrants at the last event, this seminar helps to further the education of the design professionals when dealing with masonry construction.

Trade Shows & Box Lunches

George Hardy of the MCACP with Associate Members Al Holmquist (Nitterhouse Masonry Products) & Dave Petersen (Glen-Gery Corporation) manning the MCACP Booth at the Central PA Chapter CSI Show. The MCACP continues to market the masonry industry at local and state trade shows. Being part of the overall marketing plan, these events allow for the association to meet and greet many of the users at one time. While “hard numbers” are difficult to come by as to effectiveness, trade expos keep masonry construction in the forefront, and remind the designers and owners that we are still, and will continue to be, one of the best systems for longevity, sustainability, and beauty. These shows also allow the MCACP the opportunity to dissuade any talk from the competition that masonry construction is problematic or no longer a viablePeter Spinella, AIA, of the International Masonry Institute, conducting one of his well received "Lunch & Learn” programs. solution.

In conjunction with its good friends from the I.M.I., the Masonry Contractors Association of Central Pennsylvania helps with many of the Lunch & Learn sessions held within the region. Usually small in size, the box lunches foster a better relationship with architects and engineers on a more personal level. By showing that the MCACP, the I.M.I., and the BAC are working hard as a cohesive team helps to reduce the level of concern that some architects have in specifying masonry construction.


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Masonry Systems Web site is designed to assist you in your search for a perfect masonry structure. Included in this site are resources to guide you in every phase of your construction project. From the selection of materials, design detail options, budget considerations and job site delivery, this site will aid you every step of the way.


The “Cram Session”Cram Session Attendees at the York Building Products Facility in York.

New in 2010, the MCACP conducted an educational seminar aptly called the “Cram Session.” This event allowed architect and engineers the ability to receive 4 AIA CES units or PDHs. With points for licensing due at the end of the year, the November timeframe was well suited and very much appreciated by the attendees. Presenters lectured to over 50 architects and engineers on the merits of designing with synthetic stone products, architectural masonry construction, terrazzo floors, and air barriers. This event proved to be very successful held and will become a permanent fixture on the MCACP calendar.

MCACP’s Fitness for Duty Program

One of the primary benefits of membership is the association’s Fitness for Duty (FFD) program. With much of the work in the region being the new construction of schools, the work force is required to have numerous clearances to be allowed on the job site. One of the problems presented by this requirement was that the workers would have to be cleared by every employer who uses their talents. With the establishment of the FFD program, the MCACP utilizes a third party administrator to compile and maintain the clearance documents. By doing so, the worker only needs to go through the documentation process once a year, and the contractor reduces the paperwork necessary to keep his workforce cleared. The program is paid for with Industry Funds, and is a large part of the MCACP’s working budget. Newly implemented is a secure online database which allows the contractors to retrieve copies of the workers’ clearances quickly and at anytime. By pooling resources, this program allows for cost savings to the employers, quick access to the documents, and an able and ready workforce when the need arises.

Lobbying & Political Action

The MCACP, with its affiliation in I.C.E., continues to work towards common industry goals and legislation. In the past, the organization has participated in the Campaign for Quality Construction and has signed on with the I.C.E. in support of misclassification and independent contractor issues. On a local level, the Masonry Contactors Association of Central Pennsylvania is a participant on the Pennsylvania Fire Safe Construction Advisory Council which takes on legislative issues on the State level. This group is actively working to promote its desire that all Pennsylvania multi-residential construction requirements include provisions pertaining to non-combustible compartment walls. This huge safety issue appears to be gaining traction, and is strongly urged to ensure fire safe structures across the Commonwealth.

The MCACP is also a founding partner of the Joint Labor-Management Masonry Political Action Committee of Pennsylvania. In conjunction with the BAC IU & the BAC Local No. 5 of Pennsylvania, this group has actively worked on promoting fair and equal practices in the state’s construction industry. With this joint advocacy group, many of the legislators have taken note that there is unity among both labor and management when it comes to misclassification of employees, prevailing wage cheaters, and shoddy construction practices. The need for this committee has been noted by others in Pennsylvania, and looks to expand in the very near future with the inclusion of other likeminded state organizations.


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